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Custom Wedding Bands

S o l i d W e r k s  
C u s t o m 
W e d d i n g   B a n d  
G u i d e



Are you interested in having us make your wedding bands?

Follow these steps for pricing and styling the wedding band of your dreams!

Step 1: Select your metal

M e t a l : 

Wedding bands are made from 100% recycled pure gold sourced in the USA.


14k White Gold                                           


14k Rose Gold      
14k Yellow Gold

*Also available in 10k and 18k White and Yellow Gold. Prices vary.

10k and 18k Rose Gold not available. 




Step 2: Select your band height

B a n d   H e i g h t  

W i t h   E s t i m a t e d   2 0 2 2   P r i c i n g  

1.5mm: $195                                                       



2mm: $290



3mm: $350            



4mm:  $475                                                         


5mm: $655         



6mm: $755      

*Estimated prices do not include added features. See below for additional pricing.




 Step 3: Select your type of edge

T y p e s   o f   E d g e s  

Rounded (comfort fit):

*stamping and surface textures not available with rounded edges





Step 4: Select your surface finish


S u r f a c e   F i n i s h :

Matte: (rose gold ring in photo on right)

Shiny: (yellow gold ring in photo on left)



Step 5: Decide on added features (if any)

A D D E D   F E A T U R E S 

Add pricing to “Band Height” section for total estimated cost

S u r f a c e   T e x t u r e s :

Hammered: +$20.00 

Hammered Style 1 (rounded indents)




Hammered Style 2 (rustic indents)

S u r f a c e   S t a m p i n g :

Exterior Stamping: +$30



Interior Stamping: +$30


Wrap-Around Stamping : +$50


O t h e r  : 

  One Twist: +$10                                                       



 Full Twist: +$30


Added Shapes: price varies                             

Custom Arch: +$50 

(exact measurements of engagement ring need to be collected)




Encasement: Price Varies 



Binding Metals: Price Varies 

I n c l u d e d   w i t h    Y o u r   W e d d i n g    B a n d   

  • For an extra $20, a Botanical Jewelry Cleaner and cleaning cloth can be included. We're offering it to you at a discounted price because we're thankful you have selected us to make your wedding bands. This is an all natural cleaner we started offering made from botanical extracts, peppermint, and aloe. Use this to shine up your wedding bands whenever you want! 
  • Free yearly professional polishing by SolidWerks. Getting your wedding bands professionally cleaned will get ride of scratches and dings that regular cleaner will not be able to get. 
  • Wedding Band Care Guide on how to take care of wedding bands which includes any info you might want to know about them. 

Step 6: Once you decide what you want your wedding band(s) to look like, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page to get in touch with Justina schedule a meeting if you are local to Lancaster, PA.

At the meeting I’ll get your ring fingers sized if you don’t already know them, measure the engagement ring if measurements are required for wedding band design, go over all design requests, go over my contract with you in person, and request the downpayment ($150 for one wedding band, $300 for two) due one week after the meeting. The remaining balance of your total cost is due two weeks before the wedding.


If you are not local to Lancaster and cannot meet in person, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and include as many of the details below in the "message" box.

  • when the wedding is.
  • what style the engagement ring is (photos are great).
  • what style you’d like the wedding band(s) to be - be sure to include all decided info from Steps 1-5 and anything extra you'd like to be done that isn't mentioned above (photos are a great reference if you can find them).
  • your and your spouse’s ring size.
  • when you would like your band(s) to be done by. If you want them sooner than two weeks prior to your wedding, which is when we will have them done by at the latest, please specify.
  • an address you would like the band(s) shipped to. 
  • an email you would like the contract and invoice sent to.

Once price is agreed upon and contract is signed and sent back, a down payment ($150 for one wedding band, $300 for two) will be requested and due within one week of that day. The remaining balance of your total cost is due two weeks before the wedding.